Transform an old paper report into a more efficient way to complete and manage. This was the challenge proposed by ANVISA - National Health Surveillance Agency. LéxicoDesign was responsible for organizing information, planning interactions and designing the interface, and INCoD was responsible for modeling and programming the system.

  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Creative Solutions


Several sheets of paper compiled in a mobile app that works offline and automatically synchronizes with the organization's database when connected to wi-fi. We transformed the old report into a straightforward form with simple checkbox interactions and the possibility to insert notes when necessary. The system organizes the day's inspections by geographical proximity and there is the possibility for the inspector to export them in PDF to share with the owner of the establishment.



Efficiency, effectiveness and an attractive look to bring comfort to the user. The app is in use assisting ANVISA employees in inspections of bars and restaurants.


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