We took our team 'in loco' to understand the pain of an important Incentiv customer: Braskem, a state-owned energy company, responsible for sponsoring a large number of social projects. It was clear to us that Braskem had difficulty obtaining feedback from the proponents on the results of the projects but this subsequent analysis is crucial for them to decide whether to continue sponsoring the projects and to be accountable to the population.

  • Product Management
  • Creative Solutions
  • System Development
  • MVP


The solution should be quick: an MVP to validate that the partnership would be maintained. Everything that Incentiv had ready in the system was used. We have developed a new session on the Incentiv platform interface that allows the sponsor to create fields with the data he wants to obtain. The proponent is alerted and must update these KPI’s throughout the project.
The open source tool Metabase was chosen by us to interpret the data and deliver the result in the most efficient and flexible way possible.



With only 15 days of programming, the solution was ready for use and Braskem had only to decide which indexes to apply and which graphs it would like to refine this analysis. Today marketed by Incentiv, the product was called "Calculatora de Impacto" (Impact Calculator).


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