In Brazil, some laws allow companies and individuals to allocate part of their taxes directly to projects related to culture, sports, health and education. The idea is great but there is a problem: normal people (outside the accounting area) do not know how to calculate this investment potential, it is really complex. Besides, the donation process is done in December while the income tax calculation is only done by the government in April of next year.

  • Product Management
  • Creative Solutions
  • User Experience
  • User Interface

Incentiv had the preliminary idea and LéxicoDesign helped to model the project that won a government notice aimed at new technological solutions. The programmers of the SESI / SENAI group acted to develop the necessary codes and LéxicoDesign was in charge of project management, user experience and interface design.

As the project also involved collecting information about the laws of each municipality and Brazilian state to feed the calculator's database, the project was separated into two tools for two different audiences:

  • Mapa das Leis - registration, editing, validation and consultation of laws - specialized public
  • Calculadora de Potencial - donation potential consultation - general public

The project lasted 10 months, involved three teams, more than 15 professionals, interviews with users, specialists, several consultations with the Brazil's federal revenue and lawyers. The result was a success and now competes for a national innovation award.

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