The Concurseria is an e-learning platform with study material for public tenders. Initially designed as an MVP with CMS Wordpress, the site grew accumulating plugins and receiving tens of thousands of daily accesses without any type of optimization. The platform suffered from poor performance, server crashes and many bugs when they reached us.

We knew what needed to be done but the big challenge was finding and solving all the hardcoded hacks in the plugins that the company that developed the platform did when it imagined it was building a temporary solution. It was an extremely meticulous task that took months of work and countless tests in a staging environment so as not to harm the large audience of the site.

  • Creative Solutions
  • System Development


  • Concurrent access block with the same login
  • Inclusion of exercises and tests
  • Reformulation of the checkout process
  • Inclusion of new payment ways
  • Download of study material
  • My courses dashboard
  • Control of watched classes
  • Control of classes to review
  • Interface feedbacks
  • Integration with marketing automation systems
  • Possibility to create discounts and promotions

Version 2.0

There were several improvements made in the current version of the site and version 2.0 was naturally emerging from that. The new interface design and its specifications were successfully delivered and approved. The Concurseria's programming team is now in charge of implementing this new version.


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