It smells good, smells of innovation

Website redesign and changes in communication and user flow were the improvements we promoted for Dropsmith, a Slovenian startup that offers digital solutions for the international essential oils market.

  • Creative Solutions
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • System Development

First steps

Benchmarking, Identifying new customer needs, drawing a plan, designing a new look and splitting the website from the system. Different tools and environments for different purposes.

Mobile first

To ensure a good experience across all devices and screen resolutions, start the design process with the smallest one

Technical Specifications

Created on an open source platform, the new website has a more modern look, simple but attractive interactions, efficient communication and commercial appeal. Integrated with behavior analysis tools, marketing automation and A/B testing. Several communication strategies were used to try to increase online sales and support the metrics analysis team.

The One Page Checkout was a good challenge for the design and development teams. Objective and efficient, it allows the user to make the purchase and register in only one page with very few fields to fill out.

It allowed the marketing to elaborate different visual communications on the left side and send the user directly to this page through promotional links.

Keep evolving

After a year with the website online, understanding user behavior and using all the metrics to improve sales, together with the Dropsmith board we decided to make a new version.

Version 2.0 is the result of what we have learned from our users and best practices recommended by renowned marketing studies. It has less information, fewer pages, and straight to the point: Sales.

Tests A, B, C... Different versions of the homepage and checkout page are constantly being tested. The new version is live and dynamic, always changing with the aim of bringing feedbacks to the marketing team and increasing sales.

New system

So far the system has not undergone any visual change, but the entire flow has been reviewed and the new application is being developed little by little, from the inside out, prioritizing the administrative functions that reduce operating costs and respect the client's budget.

The new application has a more modern, more efficient technology, and is based on microservices and API communication, which makes the development, integration, and future maintenance of the system much easier.

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