So many good ideas, let's test it

The GIVTR partners gave us a general idea of the application with a series of hypotheses. We help to classify these hypotheses of use, business and interest to create a validation process with metrics of success aligned with their goals.

  • Creative Solutions
  • User Experience
  • MVP
  • Mobile App
  • System Development


The first tests started with a dynamic model that helped to validate the hypotheses of use and instantly generated many changes in the project.

With the help of frameworks for webapp and JSON technology, we went to the field with an MVP that could be accessed as a hybrid app and enabled users to interact without us being around but still collecting metrics that helped us to validate the hypotheses of interest.

The final test to validate the hypothesis of business went to the field the following month using a physical store of a business partner.


For contractual reasons we cannot detail the results and product vision.

All stages were executed in 2 months and saved 75% of the development value of the initial idea that had everything to fail in the initial molds.

The application is being remodeled at the moment.

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