Incentiv is TaxTech startup that connects sponsors and supporters to projects enrolled in tax incentive laws in Brazil.

They had many limitations with a legacy system developed with an unconventional programming language. We started a process of maintenance, management and constant innovations through the Agile Method over 14 months that took them to another level.

  • Creative Solutions
  • User Experience
  • Product Management
  • System Development
  • MVP
First steps

From the beginning, communication has always been a pain for Incentiv. The fact of working with tax laws, dealing with totally different audiences and, on top of that, having a website / system that is difficult to handle, just made it all difficult. We invested our knowledge and multidisciplinary methodologies to review this communication.

We separate the Site and the System, we create a new URL, we interview users, we design a new navigation structure, we agency a Motion Design company to create explanatory videos, we integrate metrics analysis tools, marketing automation, OnBoarding and launched the new site.


After separated from the website, we were able to focus on the system itself. We map the critical points of interaction, review the semantics of communication, create different journeys and navigation resources for each Persona. This completely changed the flow of the extensive project registration dashboard. The number of support requests has dropped to 30% and a project's registration time has become 48% less.

ADMIN and processes

We do not act with a focus only on the end user. New resources were created in the system's administrative area. New components for research, agile change of project status, inclusion of reports, confirmation of user data, document management, automated generation of contracts and invoices. More agility in the process and improvement of the quality of life of Incentiv employees who interact daily with the platform.

New Product

With the growth in the number of projects registered on the recently reformed platform and the possibility for companies to support more projects, with real control of their donations and sponsorships [ Braskem project ], a new need emerged: to create a powerful project search engine that could search results not only in Incentiv's database but also in third-party databases, APIs and excell spreadsheets, with different organization patterns and labels - like a crawler. In this way, the "Buscador de Projetos" (project search engine) was born, with a search guided by semantics, not words.

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